Cole Corey (Róspoem) is a breath of fresh air. With a voice akin to a warmer John Mayer, and soft guitar work the music sets you out to sea where you can dream freely.

Hailing from Ann Arbor Róspoem is definitely an artist to look out for.
The music is soft and heartfelt, and there's not a single song off his EP "Carried By Crows" I don't like. Although I do have favorites. "This Is Your Time", "Beneath Autumn", and "With Wolves" are some of the strongest tracks.

The album's self released but on iTunes so if your interest is peaked you can grab a few tracks (or the whole EP) there.

♬Beneath The Autumn♬

♬With Wolves♬

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  1. Anonymous31.1.11

    Wow, I really enjoyed this as well, just purchased the ep on itunes. Thanks for the recommendation ;)